Managing Partner
Patent & Trademark Attorney
Electronics Engineer

Merve, being cofounder of VALITRA, is an electronics engineer and has been working in IP business since 2010 with the title of Turkish Patent Attorney.
She has graduated from the Department of Electronics Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Uludag University. She studied “The Extended Theory of the Boundary Diffraction Wave for PEC Surfaces” as an unpublished dissertation. During her undergraduate study, she also took courses related to electrics engineering and mechanical engineering.
She has worked as a Patent & Trademark Attorney for various IP firms. Her practice covered managing and conducting all ranges of patent services, such as patent drafting, patent prosecution including national and PCT and EPC filings, patentability searches, patent drawings, and patentability analysis, as well as trademark services from filing to registration. She also has experience of working as a freelance patent translator and a proofreader.
During her IP practice, Merve advised small, medium and large companies to protect their IP rights. She assists her clients in all kind of trademark and patent related issues from filing to grant.


Electronics Engineering, Uludag University