We offer translation services in all aspects of IP such as patent translations for EP validations and PCT national entries, prior art searches, legal documents and trademark related documents. The technical and scientific areas we cover for patent translations include chemistry, life sciences, mechanical engineering, electronics and communication engineering. We do our best to maximize quality and cost efficiency with faster turnarounds through our well trained patent translators, technological tools and effective reviewing process.

We are conscious that high caliber patent translators are an essential prerequisite for high quality patent translations. Therefore, we pick our translators meticulously to be sure they have the necessary linguistic and technical skills. Our patent translators are well versed in their technical fields and have a deep knowledge of patent literature. They are also familiar with the guidelines of the TURKPATENT for the layout of patent translations.

As Valitra, we place emphasis on using CAT tools which allows us to build and update translation memory banks and dictionaries. These memory banks and dictionaries help us to save time and money, guarantee consistency in and among the texts to be translated and improve efficiency. Moreover, CAT tools help us to minimize human oversights and facilitate quality assurance tasks.

For an effective review process, we have created a quality assessment checklist that we follow strictly. We appoint seasoned patent attorneys for proofreading, editing and formatting of the translated documents. They make use of CAT tools and quality assessment checklist to ensure the quality of translations.

Due to our passion for protecting inventions while keeping the scope as well as making them understandable and easy to read, we show ultimate attention to every step of patent translation. In order to achieve our goal, we carefully select the translators we work, use relevant technological tools and review the translated documents under scrutiny. As a result, we obtain technically accurate, clear and comprehensible translations which also fulfill the formatting requirements.


Certified Translation

If you need a certified translation of your patent application or other IP documents, please contact us to use our sworn translation service.